I’m so pleased to announce that six of my seven stories now have found a home. My first attempt to write a science fiction story – the short story “The Rescue” – will be published in Luna Station Quarterly, that launches March 1st!

When I started writing last autumn I was very unsure if I could write fiction at all, but I thought I should give it a try for some months. I also thought I was taking a risk when I decided to write in English, my second language. But. Yay! It looks like I didn’t need to worry. I wrote seven stories during the autumn, and six are now accepted. I’m still waiting for answer about the seventh and last story.

I’m so happy and humbled that people like my stories. I’m also pleased to see that I have progress and that my English gets better. Thank you so much to the editors who have wanted to publish a fledgling writer, and thanks so much to the kind people who have read my drafts and worked with me. I have so much more to learn.

So I’ve decided that I will continue to write for a while longer. You’re hereby warned 😉