Impossible spaces“Sometimes the rules can change. Sometimes things aren’t how they appear. Sometimes you can just slip through the cracks and end up… somewhere else.”

Hic Dragones launches their new anthology Impossible Spaces in Manchester tonight. I’m so delighted and grateful to have a short story amongst all the wonderful dark stories that editor Hannah Kate has collected. I found her comments and editing suggestions invaluable, and have learned much from working with her. I wish I could have been at the launch, but will instead raise my glass and wave across the ocean. I received my ebook yesterday and have started to look at some of the stories. Breathtaking! You’ll not want to miss this read if you like unsettling and weird stories.

The anthology contains stories by:
Ramsey Campbell, Simon Bestwick, Hannah Kate, Jeanette Greaves, Richard Freeman, Almira Holmes, Arpa Mukhopadhyay, Chris Galvin Nguyen, Christos Callow Jr., Daisy Black, Douglas Thompson, Jessica George, Keris McDonald, Laura Brown, Maree Kimberley, Margrét Helgadóttir, Nancy Schumann, Rachel Yelding, Steven K. Beattie, Tej Turner and Tracy Fahey.

The book is available as both paperback and ebook. Read more about it and order it here. You’ll also find a booktrailer at this page, made by Rob Shedwick, who also made the lovely music.

Hic Dragones also has a blog tour with blog posts and interviews with the writers in the anthology. Read more about it here.

Happy reading!