image“… Shadow evolved from an idea for a horror story to a tale about hope, about how it can be possible to spot the light at the end of the tunnel, regardless of how hopeless the situation is, regardless of how lost you feel.”

As I’ve told about here earlier, my speculative short story “Shadow” appears in the wonderful new anthology Impossible Spaces from Hic Dragones. Rachel Yelding, a fellow writer in the anthology, is now hosting a guest post by me on her lovely blog Enchanted Blogging, where I write about this short story, especially about the main character Iselin, self harming, invisibility and the Moomins.

Thank you, Rachel, for offering me a spot on your lovely blog and the very kind words.

You can read the post here: Friday Feature – Margret Helgadottir

The picture on the left is by me and is taken downtown Oslo. The streetart is by C215.

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