LinnetI’m so delighted to announce that another short story of mine is published today. The wonderful literature magazine The Linnet’s Wings has published my story “The Pact” in their autumn issue.

My story about the young girl Tuva’s travel to her grandfather’s childhood home in the mountains, is loosely based on Norwegian folklore.

The Linnet’s Wings is an international magazine that was founded in 2007 in Edgeworthstown, in Co. Longford, Ireland. The editors write on their pages that the magazine was inspired by the ideas and writings of Maria Edgeworth, Lord Byron, Oliver Goldsmith, Jonathan Swift and other voices who once lived in the surroundings of this small town.

Though founded in Ireland, the magazine is supported by an international team of editors based all over the world. Many thanks to the editors Marie Lynam Fitzpatrick and Bill West and the others for liking and publishing my story in their lovely magazine.

The story and the magazine is published both online and in print. You can read my story (and the magazine) online here, or in the digital printversion here (my story is the last one). And if you’d like to buy the print version, that’s possible here.

The magazine cover you see on this page © The Linnet’s Wings.