Doll headI’m thrilled to announce that I’m editing a coffee table book on monsters next year together with Jo Thomas for Fox Spirit Books. It will be a dark and gruesome collection of fiction, art and facts about monsters in Europe.

The Fox Spirit Book of Monsters – Europe:
“They lurk and crawl and fly in the shadows of our mind. We know them from ancient legends and tales whispered by the campfire. They hide under the dark bridge, in the deep woods or out on the foggy moor, beneath the surface, under your bed. They don’t sparkle or have any interest in us except to tear us apart. They are the monsters! Misunderstood, overused, watered down. We adore them still. We want to give them a renaissance, to reestablish their dark reputation, to give them a comeback, let the world know of their real terror.”

I’m delighted to have such a fun project to work on in the coming year, together with Jo and a group of wonderful authors and artists. This has been an invitations only project, since we wanted to have a broad range of monsters. I’m sorry to say that we will not put out an open call for submissions.

Thank you so much to Adele for wanting to publish the book. More information will come later. Read more at Fox Spirit Books here.

The picture is taken by me.