imageI’m so delighted to tell you that my short story “Ocean Sky” was accepted to the anthology Under the Waves from Fox Spirit Books this week.

Under the Waves is the fifth Fox Pocket. I already have stories in the first three volumes and am very happy to have stories in the continuing books.

The first pocket, Piracy, received a good review this week from blogger Weirdmage, who gave my story “Nora” a lovely mention: “… This story is subdued and effectful. It doesn’t shout where it can whisper, but you will want to listen. A really good one.” Very happy that someone liked it, since it was my debut story and special to me.

Just the day before that, the third pocket, Guardians, received a review too, from Dani Wizer, this time on Facebook (I’m sorry, I can’t link to this). My story was one of the reviewer’s favourites along stories by Chris Galvin Nguyen, Chloë Yates and Geraldine Clark Hellery.

So, two good reviews in a week. My head spins. Thank you for the lovely reviews!

To top the good news, it looks like another short story of mine, “Worker of the Year”, will be published in a magazine in June. I’ll return with more information about that. I really like this magazine and am quite chuffed that the editor liked the story.

So all in all, good news on the writingly side. 🙂