imageThey say ignorance is bliss. I say knowledge can and will make you free. My K blog musings is about knowledge.

I value knowledge and learning highly. So much I’m educated in Pedagogy (Science of Education). I don’t mean just the fact bits and information (like the names of the capitals of the world), but also the learned skills, languages, values and ethics that together make us into who we are as individuals and how we view the world. Knowledge can eliminate fear and anxiety. When speaking with prejudiced people, one often discover they lack knowledge about what they condemn.

I could have written much about knowledge. Here I want to tell how happy I am that I have been able as a third culture and cross cultural child to gain knowledge about other worlds, religions and cultures. I believe this has made me more open to the foreign, for which I’m grateful. I’m also happy to have been able to view all my home countries from the outside. I think this gives me perspective and balance. I don’t take all for granted. I have seen poverty. I have experienced riots in the streets, people throwing stones and burning cars. I have seen a pile of corpses. I’ll never forget it. Yes. It’s not all glossy images of beaches, palm trees and hanging out with the embassy kids.

We might have different history. Our cultures might have different folklore and faiths. But we are all alike with the same dreams, thoughts, and weird quirks. This is the knowledge I value the most.

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The picture is taken by me at Gustav Vigeland Sculpture Park in Oslo.