imageI think many people who have been third culture or cross cultural children have difficulties with attaching to other people. My O blog musings is about ‘the One’.

As I have written in earlier posts, if you’re forced to move a lot as child, and constantly has your roots ripped up, you get used to farewells. It hurts too much. You learn to not get too deeply involved with other people, simply because you know you have to tell them farewell soon. It’s a tough lesson and very logical in a child’s mind: What’s the point? We’re moving again soon anyways. A protection mechanism is built.

So it’s not surprising that I have struggled with this as an adult too. The protection mechanism is solid as rock. I didn’t learn how to build long term relationships as a child. So this mean, even if I met ‘the One’, I wouldn’t know how to keep him. Also, the restless part of me has trouble settling down, even when I really want to. I don’t blame it all on my mobile childhood, but learning to trust and getting to know other people and also take the time it needs, it’s something I’ve had to and need to work on. But how work on something when you don’t know exactly how?

That is all I will say on this subject.

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The picture is taken by me at Gustav Vigeland Museum in Oslo.