imageI believe in reading and writing as tools when you want to reflect about something difficult. My W blog musings is about writing it.

I think many third culture and cross cultural children and children who have been forced to move a lot, struggle when they become adults. It’s easier today when we have internet, to find information and other people like you, but I think it’s still difficult to understand that the restlessness, feeling of homelessness and grieving for the unknown, can be trailed back to your background. There are more books about the TCKs today, but I would guess not many therapists have read much about it, and would perhaps not know the special downsides of having lived abroad or being constantly on the move.

My way of dealing with things all my life has been to write it down, to try and put words on it, like I do now with this A-Z blog. To reflect on different aspects about my background this last month has been very interesting for me, and also a good help in trying to be bit more personal. I do seldom speak about myself or my background, and the writing I have done earlier has been only for myself. The time I was in West Africa I would write poems as a way to deal with all the things I saw every day. I will probably never let anyone read them, but it was helpful. It’s something about trying to describe what you see, what you feel. I have also written diary for periods of many years. And now for the last years I have written fiction.

Even if you feel you can’t or you don’t want to write, there are other ways. There is much information out there now, books, academic articles, several blogs and Facebook groups. Also it’s possible to meet other people with same background on social medias. Find your way. Writing and reading have been my ways of trying to figure it all out.

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