imageI’m pleased to tell you that I have another short story out this summer. Today the anthology The Girl at the End of the World was published by Fox Spirit Books.

“It’s the end of days. The sky is falling, the seas are burning and your neighbour is a zombie. It’s brutal out there. It’s every man for himself and these heels are going to have to go; you simply can’t run in them!”

This is the first of two volumes, the second will be released later this summer. Wonderful Adele Wearing have put together about forty stories across the two volumes from established and new writers about the apocalypse and the girls dealing with it. See the amazing table of contents of both volumes here. The two volumes will also be available in two sets of cover art by Dave Johnson.

My story “A Sailor Girl Goes Ashore” is another story about the pirate girl Nora. She has trouble with her sails and searches for help amongst the skyskrapers of Svalbard. But the city is strangely dead. The title of the story is a word play with the title from Norwegian Aksel Sandemose’s debut book “A Sailor Goes Ashore” from 1931, a story about another youngster with haunting background.

imageThe book is now available as paper back at Amazon, see here.

Thank you so much to Adele for both liking and wanting to publish my writing!