Cover European MonstersI’m so pleased to tell you that Fox Spirit Books released the coffee table book European Monsters – Fox Spirit Book of Monsters 1 on Thursday, just in time for Christmas. The book is crammed with dark stories, beautiful art and graphic stories based on European folklore and legends about monsters.

I am very happy and proud about how this book turned out. It seems so long ago that my co-editor Jo Thomas and I pitched the book idea to lovely Adele Wearing at Fox Spirit Books, but it’s barely a year. I want to thank all the talented authors and artists who have contributed with their wonderful stories and art to make this book a reality, and also Daz, Gavin and the magicians at Fox Spirit Books, Adele, and of course my co-editor Jo. Thank you all!

This is my debut as a fiction editor, and I am humble and grateful that Adele and Jo gave me the chance. I have learned so much this year and I now look forward to make book two, African Monsters, out late 2015, and the rest of the series, together with Jo.

Check out more about the book over at Fox Spirit Books or here at my page. Both places you’ll also find links to blog posts from the authors where they write about their stories and monsters, and a chat between us editors about monsters and being afraid of the dark.

And if you want to buy the book, it can be ordered here.