imageMy debut book, The Stars Seem So Far Away, has received three new reviews the last days.

Cait Coker at The Future Fire gave a balanced review March 23rd, and writes: “I wish the book had been twice its length, the better to explore this world and its people, but in its brevity it manages to become something like a fable for the future, promising rewards for good deeds.”

Shana DuBois has also reviewed the book and writes “For me, there was a very distinct essence to the prose that I loved. It wasn’t too flowery and seemed to reflect the state of their world. Beautifully nuanced in all the right ways.”

And finally, a very lovely review from E.P. Beaumont today, who has looked at time and space and intimate epics: “The stripped-down language and huge landscapes link this short novel to the world of epic poetry and saga.” And: “Both of these novels worked magic with space, time, and memory, to very different but equally brilliant effect.”

I’m very grateful for these lovely reviewers for reading and commenting on the book. Thank you!