imageMy short story ‘Arnhild’ is published in the new anthology In An Unknown Country.

The book is volume seven of Fox Pockets from Fox Spirit Books, a lovely book series with ten books thematically ranging from dead kings to piracy. See more about the books here.

In An Unknown Country explores other worlds and unfamiliar territory through wonderful stories from authors like Alasdair Stuart, Kim Bannerman, Chloë Yates, Tracy Fahey, Jenny Barber and Sarah Anne Langton.

My story is about the eagle shapeshifter girl Arnhild. Arnhild is an old Norse woman’s name meaning eagle battle. I really loved writing this story and hope you’ll like it. Thank you to Adele Wearing for both liking it and wanting to publish it.

The book can be ordered at Amazon here (UK) and here (US).