imageI have a book out today! The anthology Winter Tales was released by Fox Spirit Books earlier today. It’s a collection with dark and grim winter stories and poems from established and new authors.

From more than a hundred submissions received, I selected the 22 speculative poems and stories, written by both well established and new authors (a few have their debut, how cool is that). See table of contents below. The one element that binds the tales together is the winter. Unsettling, dark, bizarre but also funny and warming. These stories and poems will drive away the grim winter and bring you the wonders and magic of the season.

Thank you to all the authors for their lovely contributions. Thank you to Adele Wearing for believing in this anthology idea and publishing it, and her magic team with formatters and copy editors. Thanks also to S.L. Johnson for the gorgeous cover.

Get the paperback at Amazon here (UK) or here (US). Kindle and epub should be available soon.

If you want to review the book, get in touch with either me or Adele Wearing at Fox Spirit Books.



Table of contents:
Mat Joiner: The Frost Sermon
Su Haddrell: The Bothy
Sharon Kernow: The Wolf Moon
Ruth Booth: The Love of a Season
Masimba Musodza: When the Trees were Enchanted
Fiona Clegg: Sunday’s Child
Tim Major: Winter in the Vivarium
Lizz-Ayn Shaarawi: Snow Angel
Amelia Gorman: Under Your Skin
B. Thomas: Among Wolves
Eliza Chan: Yukizuki
DJ Tyrer: Frose
G.H. Finn: Cold-Hearted
David Sarsfield: Voliday
Kelda Crich: Coldness Waits
K.N. McGrath: The Siege
Jonathan Ward: Spirit of the Season
James Bennett: The Red Lawns
Anne Michaud: Frost Fair
Jan Edwards: Shaman Red
Adrian Tchaikovsky: The Coming of The Cold
Verity Holloway: The Frost of Heaven