The R.R.A.P. Magazine ha s written a lovely review of African Monsters, split up in three parts. This is the final third. Thank you so much for taking the time and the lovely review! See links to part one and two at the bottom of the post.

The R.R.A.P. Magazine

Here is the end of our look at AFRICAN MONSTERS.  In short, this anthology is just such a powerful representation of what you can do with a mindful, purposeful approach to diversity and trying to make sure everyone’s story is put out there.  The last batch of stories continues in the vein of using horror as the vehicle to make wider statements about societal ills.

“Bush Baby” by Chikodili Emelumadu provided some powerful, haunting images.  It struck me as a story of the unfortunate truth that family can sometimes pull you into their bad decisions like gravity.  The main character had done everything right and didn’t really deserve to have to confront what she did.  But the indisputable bond between siblings drove her to it and I like how there isn’t really an end to the confrontation.  It was a lesson in some things having to simply be endured and…

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