african monstersAfrican Monsters has received a few lovely mentions lately.

First Ed Fortune at Starburst Magazine gave it a very kind review, see here. He writes: “This anthology does its damnedest to explore the myths and legends from one massive continent. Not only does it do this quite well, but it also showcases the talents of writers you may not have had the chance to read much of. Editor’s Margrét Helgadóttir & Jo Thomas have done a remarkable job of not only assembling a list of thematically strong stories, but also creating a book that flows from story to story in a solid and compelling way.” and “Overall, an absolutely smashing collection.”

Then, Mark Bould – who amongst many things also edits Science Fiction Film and Television – wrote a very lovely and thoughtful article about the monsters in the book over at Salvage, a quarterly magazine of revolutionary arts and letters, see here. He writes: “Perhaps, like the queer, monster-embracing protagonist of Nerine Dorman’s ‘A Whisper in the Reeds’, we should not focus so much on the monster entering our world but instead on going away from here with the monster. On becoming monster.” Very happy that he was inspired to write this piece.

Thank you so much to both for taking the time.

Read more about the book here.