image3.jpgIt’s been quiet from me for a while. Sorry about that. So here’s a little update from the last weeks.

First, the wonderful UK-based blogger Tattooed Mummy was so kind to feature me at her blog with a interview a few weeks ago, see here, where I talk about myself, my writing, my favourite authors, what I am reading at the moment and much more. I had such a good time answering these questions.

Second, African Monsters has had some attention recently. Storyological has a lovely take on Nick Wood’s short story in the book in a podcast here, where they call it a story about stories. Then the blogger Imyril has put the book up as recommended summer reading, see here.

I have also started working on Asian Monsters for real the last week. I have received many dark and lovely stories now from the authors, who all are Asia-based, from Asia or connected to the region. I am very satisfied so far. The table of contents is full now and it will be revealed from Fox Spirit Books later this year.

If you are interested in writing about or reviewing African Monsters, Winter Tales or the older The Stars Seem So Far Away or European Monsters, do contact me or Fox Spirit Books. If you are interested in reviewing the coming Asian Monsters, I can put you on the list.