Featured Image -- 2278African Monsters has received some attention recently. It’s wonderful to see that this lovely book with stories and art from African authors and artists is both read and appreciated.

In the end of June, the blogger Bookshy put the book up as one of ten African genre fiction books to read, in this article in New African Magazine. She writes: “This collection has writings from some of the best African science fiction, fantasy and horror writers. … Be warned, sleep with the lights on!”

In July, Suzanne van Rooyen reviewed the book in South African Speculative Fiction Review. She writes: “While I didn’t love every story in this collection, I can still strongly recommend this anthology if you’re looking to diversify your reading, particularly if you’d like to sample a selection of scary tales by African authors.” Read the full review here.

This week, Cait Coker reviewed the book in The Future Fire. She considers it to be a very strong collection told through the dual lenses of horror and dark fantasy and “something of an exploratory volume.” She writes: “…it is definitely not material that will be found commonly while casually reading through other collections or magazines. And while some of the stories wrangle with issues of colonialism, most of the stories take place in the present day, showing a contemporary, lived-in space that is seldom seen by most of the West. Reading it was a treat, and I look forward to future entries in the series.” Read the full review here.

Thank you so much, all three! Much appreciated.

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