imageI am very pleased to announce that Fox Spirit Books released the table of contents in forthcoming Asian Monsters today.

Asian Monsters will be the third of the annual monster books published by Fox Spirit Books, the first two covering monster folklore from the continents of Europe and Africa.

The coffee table book will be filled with short stories, graphic stories and art based on Asian folklore, myths and legends about monsters, all written by authors from Asia or with a strong connection to the continent.

The book is edited by me (Margrét Helgadóttir) and is scheduled for publication in November.


  • Xia Jia: ‘A Hundred Ghosts Parade Tonight’ (translated by Ken Liu)
  • Ken Liu: ‘Good Hunting’
  • Eve Shi: ‘Blood Like Water’
  • Usman T. Malik: ‘Blood Women’
  • Aliette le Bodard: ‘Golden Lilies’
  • Isabel Yap: ‘Grass Cradle, Glass Lullaby’
  • Benjamin Chee: ‘Unrestful’
  • Eliza Chan: ‘Datsue-Ba’
  • Eeleen Lee: ‘Let Her In’
  • CY Yan: ‘The Poacher of Qingqiu’
  • Fran Terminello: ‘Aswang’
  • Sunil Patel: ‘The Vetalas’ Query’
  • Yukimi Ogawa: ‘Kokuri’s Palace’
  • Vajra Chandrasekera and Dave Johnson (art): ‘Vikurthimagga’

The book will have illustrations by Cindy Mochizuki, Vincent Holland-Keen, Kieran Walsh and Imran Siddiq. Daniele Serra is the artist for the cover (to be revealed later).

Read the release news over at Fox Spirit Books here.

The picture in the top is taken by me at the Gustav Vigeland museum in Oslo. The pictures below are covers for the two first monster volumes, cover art by Daniele Serra.