img_9223I am very delighted to tell you that the coffee table book Asian Monsters is released. Fourteen dark short stories and graphic stories about Asia-based monsters and beasties, told by Xia Jia, Ken Liu, Eve Shi, Aliette de Bodard, Usman Malik, Isabel Yap, Sunil Patel, CY Yan, Eliza Chan, Eeleen Lee, Fran Terminiello, Benjamin Chee, Vajra Chandrasekera and Yukimi Ogawa.

Asian Monsters is the third volume of Fox Spirit Books of Monsters, a book series set on showing you all the lovely scary creatures of the world, starting with Europe in 2014 and continuing with Africa last year, shortlisted to British Fantasy Awards – Best Anthology 2016.

Our mission with the monster book series is to give the monsters of the world a sort of comeback, to let you know they don’t sparkle or have any interest in you except tearing you apart, to alert you that there are creatures lurking in the shadows you don’t want to come across.

In this volume both established and new writers with a strong connection to the continent tell you stories about monsters you have rarely heard about: aswang, lelepah, huljing, Datsue-Ba, vetalas, to name a few, not to mention all the spirits and ghosts. These monsters roam the nights of Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur, or reside in the mountains or the graveyards.

The gorgeous cover is by Daniele Serra. The book is lush with illustrations and art by Dave Johnsen, Cindy Mochizuki, Vincent Holland-Keen, Kieran Walsh and Imran Siddiq.

Get yourself a copy on Amazon here (UK) or here (US/com).

Read more about the book and its contributors here. I will gather all the reviews, articles and blog posts here.

If you want to review Asian Monsters or the two earlier volumes, or/and interview me or some of the contributors, or have other questions about the books, do get in touch with me or Adele Wearing at Fox Spirit Books.

I want to thank all who have made this book possible: Adele Wearing and her amazing crew, and all the authors and artists. It has been wonderful to work together with you throughout the last year. Thank you, all! I am a very satisfied editor now!

See the announcement from Fox Spirit Books here.