1st prize

For the last weeks I have been so lucky to judge Fox Spirit Books’ monster writing competition. I have now selected one winner and two runner ups.

Asian Monsters was released in November and I am now working on volume four of the Fox Spirit Books of Monsters, Pacific Monsters. To celebrate the monsters, we did a flash writing competition in the last months, inviting authors to send in their best monster stories.

It was a tough decision. I had to put many good stories aside. I wish to thank all who sent in their stories for the chance to read them.

Fox Spirit Books announced the winners on Sunday. I picked the dark story “Momma’s Embrace” by Heather Johnson as my favourite, read it online here. I am now sending Heather her prize: a copy of the three first monster volumes, plus a Fox Spirit Books Tote bag with a few things.

As the two runner ups, I picked the two stories “Waking Up Underground” by Richard Marpole (read it here) and “At the Water’s Edge” by Shona Kinsella (read it here).

Congratulations to all three!