pacific_sizeI’m delighted and happy to tell you that Pacific Monsters is out. Lush art and 14 dark short stories and graphic stories written by authors from Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii and Guam. 

I am so proud of the book. It has been a wonderful project to work on for the last year. The book presents to you many monsters from the Pacific region I have grown quite fond of. Hope you will enjoy reading about them as much as I did working on this book.

This is the fourth volume of The Fox Spirit Books of Monstersa coffee table book series I edit for Fox Spirit Books with dark fiction and art about monsters from around the world, seven volumes between 2014 and 2020.
Pacific Monsters was released from Fox Spirit Books last Thursday and is now available on Amazon here (UK) or here (.com).

In this volume you find short stories by Tina Makereti, AJ Fitzwater, Rue Karney, Michael Grey, Tihema Baker, Raymond Gates, Jeremy Szal, Simon Dewar, Iona Winter, Bryan Kamaoli Kuwada, Kirstie Olley and AC Buchanan. All the stories are illustrated by Laya Rose, Lahela Schoessler, Kieran Walsh and Eugene Smith.

The book also has two graphic stories, by Octavia Cade and Michael Lujan Bevacqua, both lovely illustrated by Dave Johnson.

The gorgeous cover is by talented Daniele Serra, winner of British Fantasy Awards for Best Artist this year. I am very happy to tell you that he will make the covers for the last three monster volumes as well.

I wish to send my thanks to Adele Wearing at Fox Spirit Books and her amazing team, and a big thanks to all the authors and illustrators. It has been such a pleasure to work together with you on this volume.

Contact me if you are interested in reviewing the book, writing articles about it, interviews with me or the authors/artists etc.

In relation with the book launch, several of the authors have written blog posts about their stories and other topics they are concerned about. I will publish links to the blog posts, articles, interviews and reviews of the book here.

The monster journey continues. I have now started working on monster volume five, covering South and Mid America (not Mexico and Caribbean Islands), out November 2018.