9EA86067-471B-480E-ADCA-8986A46FE52EI am very thrilled to be able to tell you that American Monsters Part One is out, after one year’s work. Fox Spirit Books officially released the book on December 24th – an unusual release date but such a great Christmas gift.

In my opinion, most of the world’s monsters are forgotten today, while the rest are watered down and overused in the popular media, and then only a few of them dominate the scene – vampires, werewolves, demons, zombies – and they are almost all from Western popular culture.

American Monsters part one is the fifth volume in the coffee table book series Fox Sprit Books of Monsters, that I edit, with dark fiction and art about monsters from around the world. The book series is not only a grand world tour, showing the readers how many wonderful monsters and beasties we have around the world but it also aims to reestablish the monsters’ dark reputation, to give them a comeback, so to speak.

The first four volumes of the series have visited Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Pacific region. American Monsters part one is the first of two volumes covering the American continent. This book explores the old myths and monsters in South and Central America, with short stories, graphic stories and art, written by authors from Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Equador, Uruguay and Guatamala.

Table of contents:

  • Liliana Colanzi: «The Wave»
  • Santiago Santos: «A Carpet Sewn With Skeletons»
  • Sabrina Vourvoulias: «Time’s Up, Cerotes»
  • Ramiro Sanchiz: «The Pearl»
  • Paula Andrade: «Almamula»
  • Cesar Alcázar and Eduardo Monteiro (art): «Cerro Bravo» (graphic story)
  • Christopher Kastensmidt: «A Parlous Battle»
  • Mariela Pappas: «The Eyes of a Wolf»
  • Solange Rodriguez Pappe: «The Entangler»
  • Daniel Salvo: «Jaar, Jaar, Jaar»
  • Flavia Rizental: «My Name is Iara»
  • Gustavo Bondoni: «Vulnerable Populations»
  • Fabio Fernandes: «The Emptiness in the Heart of All Things
  • Paula Andrade: «La Perla del Plata» (graphic story)
  • Teresa P. Mira de Echeverria: «Lakuma»

The book also have illustrations by Paula Andrade, Lynda Bruce, and Kieran Walsh. The beautiful cover is by Daniele Serra.

Read more about the new book and the book series here.

Stories from North America (including Mexico and Caribbean) will be out at the end of next year before the series end in 2020 with Eurasian monster tales.

I wish to give warm thanks Adele Wearing and her wonderful crew at Fox Spirit Books, and all the authors and artists, and also the translators. We have five translated stories in this book, four of those original stories.

Also a huge thanks to Maria Haskins, who did a wonderful blurb on the book for its cover:

“A wonderfully eclectic and compelling monster anthology that offers fresh, and often subversive perspectives on the weird, the dark, and the scary. The stories in American Monsters bristle with fangs and claws, introducing us to creatures that are formidable and terrifying, often ancient, and often dangerously capricious. Prowling the outskirts of society and the fringes of reality, many of these monsters live among the poor and the oppressed, and end up using their otherworldly powers to frighten, devour, or punish the oppressors. This is visceral, gripping, and satisfying horror with monsters that will get under your skin to haunt your dreams and your nightmares.”

Maria Haskins is a writer and translator with speculative fiction in numerous anthologies and magazines. Blogs about science fiction and fantasy for Barnes and Noble.

Read the announcement Dec 24th from Fox Spirit Books here.

The book can be ordered through Amazon here (UK) and here (.com) and the other Amazon outlets. Please note that Amazon can have a ‘not in stock’ marker, it’s a quirk of using Ingram, the book is available now.

If you want to review the book, or write about the book, interviews etc, please contact me.

I hope you will like this volume as much as I have while working on it. There are some monsters here I have truly fallen in love with, they are so hideous and horrible, they don’t sparkle or want to be our friend. They are the truest monsters. Enjoy!