9EA86067-471B-480E-ADCA-8986A46FE52EJust mentioning, for those interested: I am eligible for the Hugo Awards, the category Best Editor Short Form. I have been editor for six anthologies now, all devoted to science fiction, fantasy, horror. And the anthology American Monsters Part 1 was published in 2018 by Fox Spirit Books.

All of the short stories and graphic stories in the anthology, written by authors from Central and South America, are also eligible, except the stories by Colanzi and Kastensmidt, here is a list:
Short stories:
Santiago Santos: «A Carpet Sewn With Skeletons»
Sabrina Vourvoulias: «Time’s Up, Cerotes»
Ramiro Sanchiz: «The Pearl»
Paula Andrade: «Almamula»
Mariela Pappas: «The Eyes of a Wolf»
Solange Rodriguez Pappe: «The Entangler»
Daniel Salvo: «Jaar, Jaar, Jaar»
Flavia Rizental: «My Name is Iara»
Gustavo Bondoni: «Vulnerable Populations»
Fabio Fernandes: «The Emptiness in the Heart of All Things»
Teresa Mira de Echeverria: «Lakuma»

Graphic stories:
Paula Andrade: «La Perla del Plata»
Cesar Alcázar and Eduardo Monteiro (art): «Cerro Bravo»

Four of the short stories in American Monsters part 1, are translated from Spanish to English for this book. All eligible for Hugo Awards, the stories by Sanchiz, Pappe, Salvo, and de Echeverria.

If you have any questions about my work or the stories, please don’t hesitate to ask.