4768571E-AAE8-493E-8CA3-0D8BB36EE258Last weekend Fox Spirit Books revealed the table of contents in the coming monster volume, American Monsters Part 2. I am running a bit late with editing but this November we bring you 17 dark tales about scary beasties and monsters from North America, including Canada, USA, Mexico and the Caribbean Islands.


Cory Doctorow: Return to Pleasure Island
Kelly Sandoval: It’ll Be Fine
R.S.A. Garcia: Douen Mother
Ernest Hogan: Cuca
Anne Michaud: The River Song
Tobias S. Buckell: Trinkets
Pepe Rojo: On Desire and its Cure
Catherine Lundoff: Hunger
Carmelo Rafala: What Happened to Mrs Eleonora Valdemar
Krista Walsh: Not for Amateurs
Tonya Liburd: Mimosa Versus The Soucouyant
Federico Schaffler: The Fifth Hand of The Ahuizotl
Pedro Cabiya: Lay of The Land, Law of The Land
Charles Payseur: Stitched Together
Mathew Scaletta: The Sound a Raven Makes
Darcie Little Badger: The Whalebone Parrot
Lewis Shiner: Lizard Men of Los Angeles

We will have illustrations by Kieran Walsh, Lynda Bruce, Soussherpa, S.L. Johnson, Vincent Holland-Keen and Andrea González. Daniele Serra is once again providing cover art, which will be launched later this autumn. We will have one translated story in this volume, with translation help from Fabio Fernandes.

I am a very pleased editor.

Read the announcement over at Fox Spirit Books here.

The picure is taken by me downtown Oslo.