The table of contents is out! Eurasian Monsters is coming soon from Fox Spirit Books, with dark stories by authors from (or connected to) Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Poland, Hungary, and Bulgaria.


We have a great list with wonderful stories by K.A. Teryna, Marta Magdalena Lasik, Yevhen Lyr, Karina Shainyan, Vlad Arenev, Haralambi Markov, Maria Galina, Alex Shvartsman, Daryna Stremetska, Shawn Basey, Karolina Fedyk, Bogi Takács, Eldar Sattarov, Kat Hutchson, Natalia Osoianu, Alexander Bachilo, and Ekaterina Sedia.

The book is a coffee table book and we have lush art – all stories are illustrated by K. A. Teryna, Kieran Walsh, Elzbieta Glowacka, Nata Friden and Vincent Holland Keen.

We have seven translations (by Mike Olivson, Maksym Bakalov, Piotr Swietlik, and Alex Shvartsman).

Cover by Daniele Serra is coming soon (the one featured now is the Europe volume).

This is the seventh and last monster volume and I am so excited to end the world tour in such a fantastic way. I am a very happy editor!

I will update my web site coming days – it is a bit neglected.

Read the announcement from Fox Spirit Books here.

The picture (taken by me) is of street art downtown Oslo.