Seeing people are talking about Hugo Awards, I wish to mention that several of the stories in Eurasian Monsters are eligible.
Stories by authors from Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Poland, Hungary, and Bulgaria. And I am eligible as editor, short form.

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Following (see list below) are eligible from the anthology Eurasian Monsters, eds. Margrét Helgadottir, published by Fox Spirit Books, Dec 21st 2020:

Short story:

  • Marta Magdalena Lasik: “Daemons of their time” – translated by Piotr Swietlik
  • Yevhen Lyr: “Sleepless in Enerhodar”
  • Karina Shainyan: “Bagatazh” – translated by Mike Olivson
  • Vlad Arenev: “Rapunzel” – translated by Mike Olivson
  • Haralambi Markov: “Nine Tongues Tell Of”
  • Maria Galina: “The Visit” (appears first time in English, published in Russian in 2014) – translated by Mike Olivson
  • Daryna Stremetska: “The Whitest Linen” – translated by Maksym Bakalov
  • Shawn Basey: “Lysa Hora”
  • Karolina Fedyk: “Our Lady of Carrion Crows”
  • Bogi Takács: “Veruska and the Lúdvérc”
  • Kat Hutchson: “The Housekeeper”
  • Alexander Bachilo: “This is Moscow, Old Man!” (appears first time in English, published in Russian in 2016) – translated by Mike Olivson


  • Natalia Osoianu: “The Serpent”

Best editor short form:

  • Margret Helgadottir (editor of 8 anthologies between 2014-2020 devoted to science fiction and fantasy – latest book is the anthology Eurasian Monsters from Fox Spirit Books (2020))

if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

This is the seventh and final volume in the anthology series Fox Spirit Books of Monsters, where I have invited authors from around the world to write short stories based on own mythology and folklore. I wrote a blog post about the editing here.