I am happy to say that Eurasian Monsters have had a few reviews. The latest from the lovely The Future Fire.

Rachel Verkade writes: «Finally, it would be remiss of me not to mention Helgadóttir’s commitment to diversity. It would be very easy for a an anthology focused on a particular geographic area to be lacking in this area, but both authors and editors make a tangible effort here to allow all different voices to shine through.”

Of earlier reviews of the book, Charles Payseur thinks it is «A fantastic collection!».

Runalong The Shelves writes about the book, after reviewing all seven volumes of the anthology series: “So is this a happy ending? Oh goodness yes!! One of the annual treats for me and a hugely impressive piece of work for the editor and publisher. This is a collection of tales I urge all of you to start looking at – broaden your horizons and also start to look at the differences and similarities in these foundations of stories.”

A.C. Wise says about the anthology: «Each story in the anthology offers its own unique take on the monstrous, with a wide variety of supernatural beings that range from frightening to tragic and everything in-between. It’s a fantastic addition to the Monsters series, all of which are well-worth checking out.»

And finally, Rachel Cordasco at Speculative Fiction in Translation said: « This book is a treasure!»

Thanks so much to all reviewers and magazines! Very much appreciated! I am very happy that people read the book and like what they read!