Just a short note to tell you that I am chuffed and honoured to be able to represent Norway and have a short story in the anthology European Science Fiction #1 from Future Fiction, edited by Francesco Verso.

Coming this summer. Check out the gorgeous cover by Alessia Tisba.

I will be back with more information, but for now, here is the table of contents:
1 – Roseweed by Vasso Christou (Greece)
2 – Amber Queen by Olivier Paquet (France)
3 – Fragmentation by Tom Crosshill (Latvia)
4 – Planned Obsolescence by Nina Horvath (Austria)
5 – The Keresztury TVirs by Ivan Popov (Bulgaria)
6 – The Golden Nose by Neil Williamson (UK)
7 – Goal invariance under radical self-modification by Julie Novakova (Czech Republic)
8 – Beautymark by Linda De Santi (Italy)
9 – Petware by Uwe Post (Germany)
10 – The Naming Tree by J.S. Meresmaa (Finland)
11 – Any House in the Storm by Tais Teng (Netherlands)
12 – Lying Weather by Krystyna Chodorowska (Poland)
13 – Reaping Day by Anna Jakobsson Lund (Sweden)
14 – The Rescue by Margrét Helgadóttir (Norway)
15 – Team Memory by Carme Torras (Spain)