Are you interested in reading stories written by Ukrainian authors?

Check out the great list in the article by Alex Shvartsman here, where he has collected stories in English by Ukrainian speculative authors.

He also mentions the Eurasian Monsters anthology, edited by yours truly, published by Fox Spirit Books in December 2020, where we included stories from four Ukrainian authors:

  • “Sleepless in Enerhodar”, by Yevhen Lyr
  • “Rapunzel”, by Volodymyr Arenev, translated by Mike Olivson
  • “A Thousand Cuts”, by Alex Shvartsman
  • “The Whitest Linen”, by Daryna Stremetska, translated by Maksym Bakalov

All lovely stories based on Ukrainian monster folklore and myths, but taking place in contemporary Ukraine. Arenev’s story even battles the theme of being isolated at home during Covid.

One of the illustrators is also Ukrainian: Nata Friden.

The book is a paperback coffee table book and can be purchased from Amazon here. It can be ordered from most of the Amazon outlets.

The anthology also includes short stories from authors from all over Russia, from Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Poland, Hungary, and Bulgaria. All stories are illustrated.

Read more about the book here

Eurasian Monsters