American Monsters part 1

We know them from ancient legends and tales whispered by the campfire. They don’t sparkle or have any interest in us except to tear us apart. Forgotten, unknown, misunderstood, overused, watered down. We want to give them a renaissance, to reestablish their dark reputation, to give them a comeback, let the world know of their real terror.

The Fox Spirit Books of Monsters is a coffee table book series from Fox Spirit Books with dark fiction and art about monsters from around the world, seven volumes between 2014 and 2020, starting with Europe in 2014, continuing with Africa in 2015, Asia in 2016 and Pacific area (Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Islands (including Hawaii) in 2017. Volume five and six will cover South, Mid and North America (including the Caribbean islands) before the series end with Eurasia (including Russia, Eastern Europe and the Balkan) in the end of 2020.



American Monsters part 1

American Monsters part 1 will be filled with speculative dark fiction about monsters based on folklore, legends and history from Central and South America (not including Mexico and the Caribbean), written by authors from the area. Margrét Helgadóttir is once more the editor.

American Monsters volume one will be released in December 2018.

    • Liliana Colanzi: «The Wave»
    • Santiago Santos: «A Carpet Sewn With Skeletons»
    • Sabrina Vourvoulias: «Time’s Up, Cerotes»
    • Ramiro Sanchiz: «The Pearl»
    • Paula Andrade: «Almamula»
    • Cesar Alcázar and Eduardo Monteiro (art): «Cerro Bravo» (graphic story)
    • Christopher Kastensmidt: «A Parlous Battle»
    • Mariela Pappas: «The Eyes of a Wolf»
    • Solange Rodriguez Pappe: «The Entangler»
    • Daniel Salvo: «Jaar, Jaar, Jaar»
    • Flavia Rizental: «My Name is Iara»
    • Gustavo Bondoni: «Vulnerable Populations»
    • Fabio Fernandes: «The Emptiness in the Heart of All Things»
    • Paula Andrade: «La Perla del Plata» (graphic story)
    • Teresa Mira de Echeverria: «Lakuma»
The book will have illustrations by Paula Andrade, Lynda Bruce, and Kieran Walsh.
Cover is by Daniele Serra.