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Interviews on my blog:

08.01.2017: Problem Daughters: Nicolette Barischoff

15.08.2015: Guest Artist: Cécile Matthey

31.10.2014: Guest Author: D.D. Syrdal

08.10.2014: Guest Author: Joan De La Haye

01.10.2014: Guest Author: Chris Kelso

05.08.2014: Djibril al-Ayad and Kathryn Allan: Accessing the Future

19.04.2014: Guest Author: Geraldine Clark Hellery

12.04.2014: Guest Author: Krista Walsh

03.03.2014: Guest Author: K. A. Laity

24.12.2013: Guest Author: Colin F. Barnes

26.11.2003: Guest Author: Joyce Chng

30.09.2013: Guest Author: N.A. Ratnayake

Guest posts on my blog:

10.10.2013: Guest Author: Chris Galvin Nguyen – on writing the story “Mindswitch”

29.09.2013: Guest Author: Jo Thomas – Why werewolves?

17.08.2013: Guest Author: Douglas Thompson – On writing with a woman’s voice