A-Z blog

I wrote a personal blog series during the summer of 2014 about my experiences with growing up as a crosscultural kid or a third cultural kid as some call it, merely small musings about different aspects and fragments – the good ones, the funny parts, and the pains – about my moving between cultures when I was trying to develop my own identity and cultural identity.

My background is: I was born as a missionary kid in Ethiopia to a Norwegian mother and an Icelandic father. In addition to having parents from two countries, I lived small parts of childhood and youth in East- and West-Africa. In West-Africa I lived in an American religious dorm school. Though I didn’t spend all together many years abroad, it was in my development years. I have spent most of my life in Norway, but since I had restless parents, I have moved too many times to count, even here. When I was 12, I had already attended 5 different schools.

if you read this, please bear in mind that it was written several years ago.

A for Airports
B for Books
C for Childhood Home
D for Distance
E for Eating
F for Friendships
G for Grandma
H for Hidden Immigrants
I for Internet
J for Jeep
K for Knowledge
L for Losses
M for Missionary Kids
N for Nomads
O for The One
P for Passports
Q for Quest for a name
R for Roses and Returning
S for Stones
T for Teenager abroad
U and V for Undercover and Visibility
W for Writing it
X for Xenophobia and phobias
Y for Yuletide
Z for Zoo