Short fiction

Here’s a list of all published short stories in English; in magazines/journals, in print anthologies, and in competitions. My books are here. You can read several of my short stories online. I have now also put out two of my early published short stories in anthologies on my blog: «The Lion» and «Arnhild


  • Story in Sunspot Jungle, anthology, volume two, eds. Bill Campbell. Rosarium Publishing – spring 2019

Published stories in magazines & journals

  • “Death Wish” : Gone Lawn journal, Issue 21, May 2016 (online)
  • “The Lottery Winner” : Luna Station Quarterly, Issue 025, March 2016 (online and ebook)
  • “Grandma’s Tricks” : In-flight Literary Magazine, Issue four, July 2015 (online) – magazine sadly not available online anymore. I have published the story now on my site here.
  • “Daybreak” : Luna Station Quarterly, Issue 020, December 2014 (online and ebook)
  • “Worker of the Year” : Gone Lawn journal, Summer issue #15, July 2014 (online)
  • “The Pact” : The Linnet’s Wings, Autumn issue, October 2013 (online and print)
  • “The Rescue” : Luna Station Quarterly, Issue 013, March 2013 (online and ebook)
  • “Monster” : Tuck Magazine, February issue, 2013 (online)
  • “Cold Waters” : Negative Suck, Winter issue, December 2012 (online) – magazine sadly not online anymore


Published stories in anthologies

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  • Nora” : One of the winners of Fox Spirit Books’ International Talk Like a Pirate Day story competition, October 2012. Republished June 2013 (see above)


  • Ithildin” by Wendy Delmater, translated to Norwegian by Margret Helgadottir, Silver Blade Magazine, Issue 32 Poetry, November 2016 (online, includes audiofiles)

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