Luna“Bjørg walked through the tall grass, gently skimming it with her palms. She turned her smiling face against the sun. Her black hair flowed in the wind. Three huge isbos waddled in front of her. Now and then they stretched their long necks and put their noses up in the cold air, sniffing.”

I’m very pleased to announce that my story The Rescue is published in the wonderful magazine Luna Station Quarterly today. It’s a speculative fiction magazine featuring stories by up and coming women authors.

This is my first attempt to write a futuristic story with a touch of science fiction. I’m not sure if I have succeeded, but it was a very fun story to write. The story is about the young girl Bjørg who lives alone with her isbos on an island, guarding something that might save the humans in the future. Many thanks to the editor Jennifer Lyn Parsons and the other editors for publishing my story.

You can read all the amazing stories in this issue and older issues online. It’s also possible to purchase a copy of this issue as a EPUB, PDF and MOBI.