imageLast night Fox Spirit Books was awarded the British Fantasy Award for Best Independent Press. Well deserved for Adele Wearing after three years with all the hard work.

Sadly I couldn’t be at FantasyCon, but I have cheered and toasted from my couch in Denmark and also cried a little, I’ll admit.

I am especially happy on a personal level because Adele was the one picking out a story of mine in September three years ago, as one of the winners in her Talk Like a Pirate Day writing competition. This was my first attempt to get a story published, and when Adele picked it out and published it, it boosted my confidence that I could write, AND in English, and it made me continue to write stories. Fox Spirit Books have published many of my stories over the years in various anthologies. In February this year my debut book The Stars Seem So Far Away was also published by Adele, and I have been/am lucky to be able to edit and co-edit three anthologies so far, for this wonderful small press. And maybe I can give a debutant her/his chance.

In these three years I have learned lots of the publishing business, much of it from Adele and the ‘skulk’; the authors, artists, formatters, copy editors and so connected to her press. I regard many of them as friends now. She has a talent for picking out excellent people to help her with all the productions, and combined with all the work she puts in, this only means success. In three short years she has built up a wellknown and respected press with authors and artists from over the world. It is truly impressive!

This was the second year Fox Spirit Books was shortlisted in this category. This year also saw a nomination for the Fox Spirit Books’ novel Breed by K.T. Davies, shortlisted for Best Fantasy Novel, and ‘Change of Heart’ by Gaie Sebold, appearing in the Fox Spirit Books’ anthology Wicked Women, shortlisted for best short story.

Huge congratulations to Adele and the skulk and all involved. World Domination!

Also congratulations to all the other winners and also the nominees. So many strong names. See the full list with the awards here.

Read Fox Spirit Books’ blog post about the award and FantasyCon here.