IMG_1112The awesome people at Mithila Review features Asian Monsters in their new issue with both a review of the book and one of the short stories.

Ajapa Sharma writes: “The readers of the book can only be delighted at the range of monsters and the skill and deftness of the authors included in the volume.” Read the whole review here.

Eliza Chan’s dark and haunting story in Asian Monsters, “Datsue-Ba,” is also included in this issue together with the awesome illustration by Kieran Walsh, see here.

Thank you so much to the editors for the kind review and including Eliza’s story!

You can read the issue online here plus purchase an issue at Amazon (kindle) and Weightless (epub).

This issue is devoted to visual arts and the editor Salik Shah has turned the poem “Instructions for Astronauts” by Michael Janairo into a wonderful small film, see it here.

Mithila Review is a lovely India-based magazine established in 2015, who aims to publish literary speculative fiction and poetry (science fiction/fantasy), film and book reviews, essays and interviews from across the world.

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Read more about Asian Monsters here.