The anthology European Science Fiction #1 – Knowing the Neighbours was published by Future Fiction yesterday. Authors from 15 countries and translation from 11 languages. And one story from me! Proud to represent Norway (and Iceland!) here.

The book is edited by Italian editor and author Francesco Verso.

You can find paperbacks at Amazon, for instance here.

Ebook coming soon. 

Thanks so much and congratulations to Francesco and all involved. I am very sad to not be able to attend EuroCon in Fiuggi, Italy, next week, where there will be an event for the book.

My story “The Rescue” is one of the earliest short stories I wrote in English, and takes place on an isolated island in the Greenland area.

Table of contents:

  1. “Roseweed” by Vasso Christou (Greece), translated by Dimitra Nikolaidou and Vy Pseftakis 
  2. “Amber Queen” by Olivier Paquet (France), translated by Sheryl Curtis 
  3. “Fragmentation” by Tom Crosshill (Latvia)
  4. “Planned Obsolescence” by Nina Horvath (Austria), translated by Sally McCorry
  5. “The Keresztury TVirs” by Ivan Popov (Bulgaria), translated by V. Poleganov, I. Popov, K.N. Nenov 
  6. “The Golden Nose” by Neil Williamson (UK) 
  7. “Goal invariance under radical self-modification” by Julie Novakova (Czech Republic) 
  8. “Beautymark” by Linda De Santi (Italy) translated by Sally McCorry
  9. “Petware” by Uwe Post (Germany) translated by Carlotta Codebò
  10. “The Naming Tree” by J.S. Meresmaa (Finland) translated by Sally McCorry
  11. “Any House in the Storm” by Tais Teng (Netherlands) 
  12. “Lying Weather” by Krystyna Chodorowska (Poland) translated by Blanka Korolczuk and Sally McCorry
  13. “Reaping Day” by Anna Jakobsson Lund (Sweden) translated by Clare Barnes.
  14. “The Rescue” by Margrét Helgadóttir (Norway)
  15. “Team Memory” by Carme Torras (Spain), translated by Sue Burke.

Gorgeous cover art by Alessia Tisba.