imageWars, famine and plagues rage across the dying Earth. Fleeing the deadly sun, humans migrate farther and farther north. The last shuttles to the space colonies, crammed to their limits, are long gone.

As I told you a couple of months ago, the wonderful UK-based publisher Fox Spirit Books and Adele Wearing will publish my debut book, The Stars Seem So Far Away, the tales of five people in a future North. The book will hopefully be out late 2014. Fox Spirit Books has now put up an own page for the book, where you can read a little bit more about the book.

I also now have an author page, where I’ve tried to answer a few questions about myself. Lovely alternative to a bio.

Both these new pages mean to me that it’s starting to become real. Squee! Thank you, Adele.

The picture is taken by me at the Gustav Vigeland museum in Oslo.