imageI have been so busy with the A-Z blog I haven’t yet written here about the new story I have out.

I am delighted to tell you that the awesome Gone Lawn Journal has published my short story “Worker of the Year” in their summer issue. It’s a story about the diligent worker Mael, who’s barely aware there’s been an apocalypse outside his office building. The image that inspired me to write the story is an image that has stuck in my mind of the government buildings downtown Oslo right after the terror bomb July 22th three years ago. Papers drifted down from the blasted windows onto the streets like surreal snow flakes. You can read the story here.

I have liked Gone Lawn Journal for quite a while and I’m chuffed and grateful that I now have a story there. It’s a journal seeking artistic and progressive literature. Editors are Yarrow Paisley and Owen Kaelin. This is issue number 15. It has a lovely featured painting by talented Leslie Ditto and a featured novel excerpt from Giancarlo Pastore’s Jellyfish. In addition to my story, the issue is full of awesome work by both well established writers and new writers. Thank you so much to Yarrow who liked the story and wanted to publish it.